For the past five years we’ve been touring, recording songs released our debut album "Hymns to the Night" as well as 3 Ep's up until today. It has been 12 months since we played a gig and honestly we miss the connection we always had with our fans. Touring and playing concerts has always been the biggest sensation for us and it was also our biggest reward to have a direct response, play unreleased songs live and have a good and deep relationship to our fans and audience. Among other things concerts are our main income. So, we have been bleeding pretty dry for the past 12 months, socially as financially.

So, we wanna change this! As some of you may know, we make a very special kind of music. It's electronic, melancholic, dark, loud and sometimes in the cloud but always comes from the heart and unfolds always a certain intimacy amongst listeners.

In the past months we’ve been sitting in the studio and figuring out how can we give you a deeper inside into our lives and the sometimes inexplicable way to write music.

We are not the common band around and we like to see under the surface and beyond the small talk. Some of you might know, we keep constant touch with our fans on Instagram messenger but in the end, we want to be the person that we feel we were sent here for - musicians!

We are musicians and artists with a deep sense of digging when it comes to creating music and we want to let you have an individual and unique insight into our lives, into our music and into our poetry. Uncut, original and honest.

Patreon is the way that you can support us today, so we can proceed to make this music also tomorrow! For us its the independent way to keep a strong relationship to our fan base that we love and miss so much and be self-sufficient in this very challenging time.

Join our patreon, receive individual access, ask us anything you want and get inspired.

Love you all a lot!

Lea Porcelain